Adieu, the time has come to say goodbye.

I think I kept going at this hobby because there was still a feeling of connection, I inspire you, you inspire me kind of thing.  It's gone.  I am no longer inspired by anything that is going on in the sims community, be it Sims 2 or Sims 3.  I no longer belong here, could be that I never did but now I feel it more than before.  I made stuff because I love furnishing, I love architecture, I love atmosphere and connecting to someone for that was important.  I didn't make stuff just to make it or for stupid popularity. 

I have not only attracted bloody lunatics but really nice people who have become true real life friends that I will see in RL again.

I love attention to detail, I love a bit of dark humour; I am playing GTA 5, have been for the past five days.  I would love to make a bit more furniture for Franklin especially for his patio but I'm just happy to go bike riding in those mountains, or see the rain or the lighting in general.

With that, for the few people who keep asking stupid questions that have already been answered in the posts, learn how to bloody read and stop being so bloody irritating.

To those of you who have been supportive and enjoyed what I have shared with you, cheers, and to those of you who are arseholes, up yours!

Have a great new year!