I can't provide any new links but I can tell you what I really like and why.

Firstly, I like low poly,well textured objects although I have a few exceptions for their style.

Holy Simoly made beautiful stuff for the game. Low poly sheer quality and if the polys were high the image maps were tiny.

Parsimonious: loads of things but some real treasures in there and attention to polycounts.

Simply Styling: so feminine with Suza and Jope both with a distinct style and again with the polycounts.

MTS Macarossi and her incredible plants.

MTS Blake_boy: I cannot live without THAT sofa and everything else was lovely as well.

BPS Lirunchik: only a few sets but really well done.

I will add more when I can remember them but I know this is the stuff I play with in game and enjoy looking at.