1) You are welcome to include any non repository* mesh with your recolours.
2) For repository* sets please link back to the mesh instead. Some sets are....awfully big and people may not know how many objects can be recoloured by your one file (it'll save you unnecessary bandwidth too).

You may upload any of my meshes with your lots. If any object used is part of a repository* set please include the master in a separate folder if need be (the vast majority of my slave objects do have an in-game description stating what the master is).  A link back to the rest of the set is a good idea.

1) You may use parts of my meshes for you own projects ie for add ons to sets but please do state that this is what you have done.
2)   You may use my actual packages as a cloning template if you think that your object will benefit from any alterations I have made rather than cloning from in game things.  If you do, please do not  forget to use your own GUID and please please give credit. Sometimes an awful lot of work goes into this part of creating and I think it's only fair to say that work was done by someone else, wouldn't you agree?

In general credit is always nice and a link back always appreciated!


No ADFLY I don't try to make money from my creations, neither should anyone else.
No TSR.  Regardless whether they are free now or not. Just no.

Please do not alter my objects and offer them as a replacement for the original.  If you feel that I have made a mistake or there is a problem with one of my objects I can be contacted easily.

No SIMS 3 conversions please.  Some/quite a few of my things are not "straight up" conversions and require a certain skill set and work to look the same as the Sims 2 versions.

*repository sets are where one package holds the texture that is used by other items of the set.  Not having this master object will make anything that is dependant on it blue.  It ain't pretty and can drive you quite mad.