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"You do not have permission to access the forums, because you are temporarily banned until the 27th Nov 2012. The reason is becuase Enough of your snide remarks and long time attacks on the site, it's staff and myself. I've had enough. Go play someplace else.

Mod The Sims Team"

I have been banned for 6 months because I said in a private forum read by all of 20 people that puffball skirts are the worst faux pas in fashion ever and hinted that mods set themselves up for features but what's new. Seriously? Apparently so. I stand by what I said. No woman ever looked good in a puffball....maybe some men would but I doubt that too.

Classy MTS, way to go.

Please do not comment, it is a bit pathetic after all.

Edit: I won't have people flaming or pointing fingers at anyone as I don't know who or why and this post is not to stir drama, I have enough on my plate and too into creating right now to care really. Cheers.


  1. Puffballs are terrible...you're right. And MTS is like kindergarten...

    greets, Jessica, a puffball-hater:)

  2. Very harsh penalty for something as benign as a fashion comment. I'm scratching MTS off my dance card....it's their loss anyway. Love all your designs, BB!!!
    Sending hugs! jasonpam @ BPS
    PS...I had a bridesmaid puffball dress...in the 80's! It was a hot mess then...and time hasn't healed the pain. :(

  3. Yes, it is wierd to say the least as the only other creators I know of being banned were for stealing from other creators, not a statement in a private part of the forum on one my "off" days. The only reason I have mentioned it here is because usually you have to do something really bad to get banned and anyone looking on my profile there will wonder. I guess something is going on that I don't know about but to be honest it doesn't change much for me. I have been posting my stuff here for a couple of years now and am happy at BPS where I have made some truly great friends.