Pip Lights


  1. Buggybooz, are you going to upload these lights?

  2. I often don't see comments on older posts so I am a bit late here:). Yes, I will be uploading these as with any posts here, I just have to get the packages organised again. I had been working on revamping them mid 2008 when my pc conked out and I lost alot of stuff. Please be patient.

  3. Buggybooz, I love your work. ...And I'm waiting since a long long time for those lights treasures.
    Hope you'll find a moment to offer us the magic download link !

    Anyway, THANK YOU for your fantastic creations world.
    Ingrid from France

  4. Hiya, ok, so I have found them, compressed them and uploaded now. Hope they are all in there:)

  5. Dear marvellous Buggybooz,
    You make my night ! (...yes, I'm a kind of owl, sleeping at day time)

    How kind and nice you are, I'm really touched and so so happy !
    It's wonderful, you are a magician, I definitively adore you.

    Thank you truly, strongly, sweetly ...thank you thousand time Buggy honey.
    M E R C I !!!!

  6. Dear Buggy
    It's a pity... The game stupidly crashes when I try to buy your fabulous candles, the candelabra and the glow lamp. I really don't understand : all your other candles and lamps work perfectly, despite I'm on Mac...
    Could you see an explanation to this problem, and could you please tell me what can I try to fix it ?

    ...anyway, I still adore you !

  7. Since they are working perfectly fine in my game you are going to have to be a bit more specific:

    Are you saying that you have started the game 5 times (since there are 5 separate items) and each time you have clicked on one of them in buy mode your game has crashed?

    If yes,

    1) did you download and install any other content at the same time?

    2) did you alter the packages in any way (like with the compressorizer or sim2 categoriser)?

    3) have you run a quick check with the clean installer or DDO?

    4) have you tried running the game just with those items (taking out all your other content)?

    1. Hello !
      Dear Buggybooz, it's really kind of you to take care of my bad luke and my disappointment.

      Yes, I have starting 5 times the game, and each time I went in the lamp section, when I arrive to your new files, the game simply crashed.
      - I didn't download nor install other content when I discovered your great post.
      - I didn't altered the packages -I never did! (...and alas, there isn't any compressorizer's app. for Mac -as far as I know.)
      - same for Clean Installer or Delphy's Download Organiser : These are PC's app. and not working for Mac... (No way to make the special mac "WooHoo's" app. working, alas again…)
      ...no, I didn't tried running the game without other content : I have many house's and Sims created in Riverblossom for example, and I am too afraid to damage them if I do that… Do you really think I could empty my Downloads folder, just keep the precious "EnableColorOption" file with one of your lamp …and run the game ? … I mean, are you sure that my lots and Sims will came back like they actually are when I'll put back my Downloads content ?

      ...if it could be useful to specify it, the game used to crash with other candles and lamps, particularly with all the Steffor's candles (but since …I got them in the Booty, I cannot complain to her!), but I have ALL your candles and lamps since years, and it never ever happened with your wonderful creations…

      I am sorry and really don't want to disturb you.
      I sincerely thank you for your interest,
      and send you my friendship, dear great creator.


  8. ...sorry : I mean "bad luCK" (please excuse me for my fanciful English...)

  9. If you cannot do a Guid check to see if some other download is interfering with them then there is not alot I can do. Mine all have their own Guids and were cloned from base game items and when they were available for download so many years ago never caused anyone any problems. Like I said already they are working perfectly in my game. The only other thing I can think of is that you have reached the limit of downloads that you can have.

    That, I am sorry to say, is as far as I can help you.

  10. Thank you really much for your attention.
    I will try to empty the downloads folder and test your pretty lamps one by one, you must be right and there must be some interfering. I will let you know...
    Au revoir !

  11. Like a previous poster, it is these lights that causes my game to crash when I go to the lights tab. I also tested it on a clean install with Pip Lights as only custom content, so I can verify that it is doing something bad on some machines.

    I'm running on a Mac with all the Mac expansion + stuff packs. So that's all EPs up to Bon Voyage, and Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, and Happy Holiday Stuff.

    Thank you for all of your other amazing creations :)

    - Started Sims 2 super late, but loves it :)

  12. I have looked into this and yes there does seem to be a problem with the wall light but only with MACs but not PC's. I have not found any reasons yet as to why it is doing this but will keep you posted if I find solutions.

  13. beautiful simply beautiful

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